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This is the spring 2022 class website. Looking for fall 2022-Spring 2022? Click here.

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Course Overview: This class takes gives an introduction to the NewSpace Economy and space technology industry. For half the course, you (as a student) learn in a traditional class structure from the student course instructor and industry experts (see 'Guest Speakers' below). The other half of the course provides you with hands-on experience working for real start-ups in the industry. You will get to interact and get feedback from company founders as you work on projects for your chosen start-up. Projects that you work on can be listed on your resume since your work will be a result that startups use. 

This DeCal is open to any Berkeley student, and we'll be accepting students of all ages, backgrounds and majors (both technical and non-technical). Students will be mentored throughout their projects and will have an opportunity to learn and grow together. We're simply looking for students with a passion for the space industry!

Class Lecture Time: Tuesdays, 5 - 6:30 pm (synchronous, but if you have problems, email us!)

Class Project Work Time: Thursdays, 5:00 - 6:30 pm (this is preliminary and can be changed depending on your schedule once you are enrolled in the class).

STAR NSE is an off-shoot of Cal's rocketry team - STAR. You can find out more information about our parent organization here!



Project Descriptions: For the Spring 2021 semester, we have partnered with various companies. Students can select the startup they want to work with during the class application. Each company has a project they want us to complete with them. Some projects will have more technical skills and some more business. For this reason, we encourage students of all backgrounds and majors to apply.


An overview of the semester projects students will work on can be seen below.


Rebekah Rounds.jpg
Rebekah Rounds

Attorney, Expert in Space Law & Policy

Meagan Crawford - Red.jpg
Meagan Crawford

Leading Expert in Space Entrepreneurship & Finance, General Partner @ SpaceFund

Jeff in Madrid.jpg
Jeff Krukin

VP of Business Growth @ Orbital Transports Inc., 

Principal & Co-founder @ Earth-Space Commerce Advisors, LLC

Armheim.Buddy (c).jpg
Buddy Arnheim

Partner, Perkins Coie

Dr. Natalie Rens

Founder of Astreia

Shelli Brunswick--7.jpeg
Shelli Brunswick

Chief Operating Officer and executive leader of the Center for Innovation and Education, Space Foundation

Rick Tumlinson

Co-Founder of Several Space Companies, Investor, & Space Visionary

More speakers will be portrayed on the website soon!


Space Technologies and Rocketry at Cal

STAR was founded to breach the education gap left by Berkeley's lack of an aerospace major. Five years on STAR has designed, built and flown a fleet of rockets, enjoyed success at multiple rocketry competitions and are going from strength to strength with over 80 active members working on a wide range of exciting new projects, such as stage separation, liquid rocket engines, custom solid motors, and a drone which deploys mid flight!

STAR realized that another education gap is the non-purely-technical side of the NewSpace industry, and so STAR NSE was set up to teach Berkeley students these skills through hands-on work with real companies in the industry!

You can find more information on STAR here

  • Where will the class take place?
    The class will take place virtually on Zoom. Additionally, once students are enrolled in the class, they will be sent an invite link to the class's Slack page where communication will take place.
  • Is this class asynchronous or synchronous?
    Class lectures will be synchronous. Class days and times will be announced in late December to early January.
  • Who can apply and enroll for this class?
    Any undergraduate student can apply for this class! There is no requirement on certain grade levels or specific majors, although students who have previous background or knowledge in engineering and business will have an easier time working on projects. As long as you are willing to work hard, you will be completely fine!
  • Will certain students be given preference for the class?
    First and foremost, the course team will consider an applicant's commitment to the course and enthusiasm for the course material! However, juniors and seniors may be given slight preference.
  • Can this class be taken for a letter grade?
    No, this class can only be taken for pass/no pass.
  • How many absences are permitted in this class?
    2 absences are allowed for this class. Any more will result in a student failing.


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